Q: Can I bring my son or daughter to get a permit once they turn 16 or do I have to go through a driving school?
A: No, only a driving school has the ability to get a student’s permit at the age of 16. If a parent wants to get their student’s permit on their own, they must wait until their student turns 17 years of age. All 16 year olds must go through a driving school according to NJ state law.

Q: My child turns 16 early in the school year. Can they take the state written test at Motor Vehicles before they have had Driver Ed in school?
A: Yes, but they must be accompanied by a driving school and the student must be 16 years old. A parent cannot take their student for the state written test until their student is 17 years of age.

Q: How long does my child have to use the red stickers on their license plates? The stickers must be on the student’s license plate starting the day they get their permit through the day they get their full license.
A: The student is eligible to attain a full license one year from the day they receive their probationary license.

Q: What are the time restrictions for a student to drive with a Learner’s Permit or a Probationary License?
A: Students are allowed to drive between 5:01am-11:00pm.

*More detailed information is available on the NJ Motor Vehicle Website at www.state.nj.us/mvc/Licenses/EarlyBird.htm

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