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Many parents and students have questions about how to go about scheduling the driving lessons for their Student Learner’s Permit.

To schedule the Behind-The-Wheel driving lessons with Colonial Driving School, the following must occur:

  1. Please click here for the “Colonial Driving School 16 Year Old Service Agreement
  2. Print out form, fill out completely, and mail in to:
    • Colonial Driving School
      4 Juniper Drive
      Morris Plains, NJ 07950
  3. Once Colonial Driving School receives the Service Agreement, you or the student will be contacted to schedule the lessons. *Note: The student may not start any driving lessons until they turn 16 years of age and successfully pass the State Knowledge Exam. However, it is highly recommended to schedule the lessons well in advance to ensure earliest availability.

Once the lessons begin, the student will need to bring the following three (3) items:

  1. Student Learner’s Permit Application which will be provided by mail after lessons are scheduled
  2. $10 cash or $10 check made payable to NJ Motor Vehicle Commission
  3. Original Birth Certificate, or their U.S. Passport, or Visa/Resident Card proving citizenship (Motor Vehicle’s will not accept photocopies)

These 3 things will allow us to acquire their Student Learner’s Permit at Motor Vehicles. The student will receive their Permit at the end of the lessons. No other payment is due until the final day of lessons.

This can be a very confusing process so if you have any questions please feel free to call the Colonial Driving School Office at (973) 270-0120. One of our professionals would be happy to explain everything in detail.

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